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Audio clip from interview with Sallie and Mike Gordon by Adriane Massa, March 2, 1977

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Part of an interview with Sallie and Mike Gordon on March 2, 1977. In this clip, the Gordon's discuss Southern Nevada during the Depression and building in the early days of Las Vegas.

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Mike and Sallie Gordon oral history interview, 1977 March 02. OH-00702. [Audio recording]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Do you remember anything about the Depression that you'd like to bring up? Well, Las Vegas never suffered- Yes, it never suffered. -a depression like the rest of the country because we were just going through the building of the dam and people coming here, people opening businesses, and thousands of men working on the dam that kept the economy of the Southern Nevada area very good at that time. In the early days of Las Vegas, first there was only picture show and then several- Owned by?? Owned by our mayor Ernie Cragin. And then a few years later Arthur Brick and Rosco Thomas built the theater known as the Palace Theater on South Second Street across from the courthouse. And then a group of citizens, about twenty of us donated money and they built which is now the Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course. There's a plaque as you enter the snack bar at the golf course that has the names of the original donors. I think that's good, too. I forgot about that. Yes. I look at it every once in a while. I think that's about it. How long did it take to build the golf course? Well, it was a hard deal; they hit a lot of caliche, didn't they? Yes. It was hard work. 12 I'd say to get it in shape, it took about five years. But had a lot of trouble with the caliche? Yes, the caliche was there and it got to be more expensive than they figured on, naturally. In fact, you know where it is, right near Western. Another interesting thing is when they built both the-then known as the Apache Hotel, they struck water and that is now the Benny Binion Horseshoe Club. And across the street when they built the Golden Nugget, they also struck water and that delayed the completion of the construction of the Golden Nugget.