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Bet Knesset Bamidbar Newsletter, December 2000



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Bet Knesset Bamidbar Volume IX Issue 12 * m m n t w D T P I Kislev - Tevet 5761 December 2000 NEWSLETTER FROM RABBI'S DESK HERSHEL BROOKS This month we celebrate Chanukah and our Christian friends celebrate Christmas. I want to share this episode with you that really touched me. I certainly hope it will also teach us all the dedication our people have toward our faith even as we respect the beliefs of others. In a Midwest Catholic college, a rabbi was engaged on its faculty as a full-time Professor of Religion. He was most successful as a teacher and popular lecturer. He had a liberal attitude towards Christianity and towards Jesus of Nazareth. After a time the Vice-President of the college, a Father Abbot, was to retire. The President, Father Quigley, offered the post to the rabbi. In so doing he suggested that it would be in the spirit of ecumenicism to offer him the position of Vice President of a Catholic College but that it would be neces-sary for the rabbi to become converted to Catholicism in order to get this high academic post. The rabbi listened and said that he would have to think it over and he left. When he came home, he sat down and wrote the following letter to Father Quigley. This story appeared in the Daily Yiddish Forward and ! have made the translation from the Yiddish into English. Dear Father Quigley: I hardly deserve the honor that you have accorded me inviting me to become your Vice President after Dr. Abbot shall have resigned from that office. I cannot imagine that there is anyone, no matter how modest he may be, who would be unappreciative of the honor that you want to confer upon me and I am truly touched by your offer. But you, in your great earnestness and in your sincerity, are asking a great price for the proffered honor. You want that I should abandon my Judaism, become a convert and henceforth be a Catholic. This shows me how deeply in love you are with your own religion, which has certainly rendered great services for civilization and for humanity. But permit me to ask you why you are not willing to allow me, a son of an ancient people with a rich spiritual heritage, the similar right to love my own ancestral faith even as you love yours. You are a very dedicated Christian and therefore you are a fortunate man indeed. But please explain to me why you have not striven with greater zeal to im-part some of your deep love for your faith to those other Christians who have in our generation burnt to cinders millions of my people for the only reason being that they did not belong to your faith. You want that after my persecuted people had gone through the hell of the holocaust, that I, who am a member of this incinerated and gassed human family, should make a courteous bow to the Christian church and say: "As an expression of gratitude to you of the Christian faith for the ashes of my six million brothers and sisters, I am now prepared to become henceforth your committed servant." It seems fitting in your eyes, that after my persecuted people had for two millennia prayed for its Jewish homeland in Palestine and after that, fought sacrificially to be able to live in that historic land, that I should spit in the face of my heroic brothers and sisters and say to them: I mock your struggles and your sacrifices! And all that you have achieved in finding a haven and a home for our persecuted people in Holy Land, is less important in my eyes, than the little Golden Cross which a Christian Priest wants to put upon my breast. No, my worthy Father Quigley! I will not and cannot sell my conscience for a title and for a job. It is apparent to me that you do not truly understand the Jew and that you do not sense his Jewish pride and his Jewish stubbornness. My dear Father Quigley, there is one thing that I have learned from you. It is not nice to imitate, in monkey-fashion, the faith of another man. My frequent discussions and lectures concerning the Prince of Peace have apparently misled you into thinking that I have an inclination toward the Christian religion and therefore you felt free to try to convert me to your faith. But the lesson you have taught me, not to ape another man's religion, I have learned well. And for this reason the time has come for me to seek another job where I can continue, undisturbed, to express myself in total loyalty to my own faith and to leave Christianity to those to whom it belongs, namely the Christians. Your Jewish Friend, Rabbi 2 PRESIDENT SHEL KOLNER Shalom! Thank you to all of you who came to the Congregation Annual Meeting. Your support - of the Temple and that which you show me, personally - is greatly appreciated. For those of you who could not make it I thought I would give you a brief run-down of what occurred. After the call to order and the introduction of the current Officers and Board, a moment of silence was had in memory of Manfred Berger. Those who knew him knew he was a great contributor to the Board and to some extent was our conscience. We will miss him. We then reviewed last year's minutes and had reports by the President, Membership VP and the Treasurer. I thanked those, by name, who have contributed their efforts to the Temple and hit some of the highlights of the year. The year 2000 included 2 B'nai Mitzvah Services where 47 men and women were called to the Torah for the first time. These 2 services were two of the high points of the year. The Temple functions also included the Installation Luncheon, the Seder, our beautiful High Holiday Services, the Meet N Greet for new members and, of course, our wonderful Shabbat Services on the 2nd and 4th Friday Nights. The Sisterhood, Singles and Men's Club continued their fine work. The speakers and other functions they provided proved to be very, very successful. The Sisterhood's Annual Luncheon and the Men's Club first Annual Dinner Dance were huge successes and those who participated enjoyed themselves very much. I congratulate all of you who participated in running all these functions and I thank you all. I also discussed the Finance Committee that is meeting to determine the financial considerations for the Temple. It is looking into the dues, High Holiday ticket costs and what to do, if anything, with the funds the Temple has and continues to accumulate. Currently the committee has decided that the dues and ticket costs should not be changed. I also reported that the Board has approved a plan to have the next High Holiday Services in the Grand Ballroom of the Suncoast. This will allow for approximately 950 people to attend. Hopefully this will provide tickets for every member who wants one. Our Membership VP reported that membership is at 1206. That is up a little from this same time last year. The treasurer reported that our available funds have risen 18.6% from the same time last year. We then held elections for the year 2001. The following list is your Official slate and Board of Directors. President Executive VP VP Religion VP Membership Treasurer Secretary Past President Sisterhood President Men's Club President Singles' President Shel Kolner Faye Arshawsky Alex Kuechel Shirley Barondess Steve Tolman Alice Berman Arlene Goodman Lillie Weissman Lou Pokat Position Open Board Members Marv Edelman Irwin Haus Max Ross Norm Segal Abe Sparber Ted Friedman Sydell Miller Harold Saltzman Rosanna Smith Gloria Wishengrad I wish you all a successful year and thank you for your support. I would like to urge all of you to get more involved with the Temple. Even if you do not have the time to work on the future functions, try to attend. They are well run and well done, and we, who do go, have good times. The immediate future includes the Sisterhood Installation Breakfast in a couple of weeks, Temple Installation Luncheon in January, the Seder at Passover and all the other Auxiliary groups functions. As we go along into the year we will see more. Please call me if you would like to get involved. 3 SISTERHOOD NEWS t JANICE BARON, President This is my last article as President of Sisterhood. My Board has done an outstanding job allowing Sisterhood to remain as strong and viable as it is. When I became President in March 1999, I was as green as a Granny Smith apple. My Board supported, encouraged and guided me from the start. Betty Pardo, Vice-President in 1999, then recording secretary in 2000, was always there with her wisdom, good humor, warmth and friendship. Freda Greenfied, Mimi Singer and Shirley Weisberg co-chaired our Bereavement committee with tremendous sensitivity, consistent reliability and great competence. Obviously, the need for their services could not be planned. Usually under pressure, they amazed all of us; including family and friends of the bereaved. I am very proud of the way they performed this important service for our congregation. Anita Korotkin accepted the Herculean task of chairing our telephone committee. She made it work well - even when some callers decided to back out at the last minute. One month she called me from the East Coast to make sure a vacationing caller's calls were made! Such dedication made a difference! Sheila Harris, as treasurer, has kept fine records and has proven herself to be most efficient. She also took it upon herself to set things up on the tables for each Oneg Shabbat. When she vacationed, we were lost! What an asset she is! Thank you Selma Soriano for constantly coming up with a variety of interesting and knowledgeable speakers allowing for some great meetings. When Sydell Miller wrote about some of our Sisterhood events, she would often be able to get our pictures in the Israelite. Perhaps, when the Sun City Reporter expands, she will do so again. Thanks for all the good publicity, Sydell. Jean Modes, thank you for your guidance and comments that often led to a lively Board meeting! Helene Glasser was not only our Corresponding Secretary, but always there to volunteer her services. Whenever Helene spoke, I found her comments sagacious and valid. She was a pleasure to be with. Betsy Braus was perfect for bringing a bit of "Sunshine" to those who needed it. We just had to get more names to her. She was always willing to help. Rhea Sturza scheduled our Oneg Shabbats. Not an easy task, Rhea had to contact many people in order to get us sponsors for each Service. Thank you Rhea. Judy Martin hesitatingly accepted the job of Oneg Shabbat Chairperson. (I think begging and tears convinced her!). However, once she took it she was always there using common sense, intelligence and caring. Thank you for all your help, on the job as well as personally. You are a honey! Trudy Kolner chaired our most successful Outreach Program. Our volunteers at each facility are wonderfully responsible. Never once, since we began this program early in 1996, have we net shown up! Trudy (also a volunteer at the Plaza) has helped to expand this wonderfully appreciated and needed program. When Lillie Weissman became Vice- President in 2000, she jumped in with both feet. She did not know how to say "No!" - just "I'm here, use me." When asked to help with a bereavement meal, she'd drop everything and go. She attended most of them this year and proved most helpful at each. When I asked Lillie if she'd chair our luncheon, she jumped at it! And what an outstanding job she did! Lillie, I wish you, as the next Sisterhood President, much success in your Administration. To my Board - my love and appreciation for everything! About our Newsletter: Bet Knesset Bamidbar of Sun City Newsletter is a monthly publication. BKB address P.O. Box 33503, Las Vegas, NV 89133. The deadline for the January newsletter is December ltf . Anything submitted after the deadline will appear in the following month's newsletter. The Newsletter Staff: Alma Brooks, Editor; Sarah Greene, Gloria Meyers, Sharlene Tolman, Betty Weltman, Hershel Weinrott and Ruth Weinrott. 4 MEN'S CLUB NEWS LOU POKAT, President The next regular meeting of the Men's Club will be Sunday morning, December 3, 2000 at 9:00 am in the Sunrise Room of the Suncoast Hotel. Our speaker will be Mr. Jon Ralston, the award winning political journalist of the Las Vegas Sun. I understand he is a dynamite speaker. The Men's Club Dinner Dance was a great success and I wish to thank all the people who attended. At our first meeting at the Suncoast we had 68 men. This is the largest group that we have ever had. For those men who do not attend, please come and see what you are missing. ABOUT RITUAL LOUIS KLIONSKY, VP Ritual Day to day Judaism: Kindness God expects every Jew to be a full time Jew, not a Jew for Sabbaths only. God created the Sabbath Day and made it holy. But he also created weekdays. On weekdays, man must make himself holy in his morals and his thinking, in his study and in his empathy and support of others. Tuesday is also Jewish. If a person is a believer on the Sabbath, he should be one every day. The reverse is also true. Jews do not believe in a Sabbath God or a Holy-Day God, or a Rites-of Passage God. God is a part of life. He is everywhere, or He is nowhere. His majesty cannot be contained within a synagogue ark, or squeezed into the stone walls of Jerusalem, or locked tight in the 25-hours of Yom Kippur. Torah study is every day, as surely as are food, thought and worry. Ethics are everywhere, in the Kindergarten, the corporate office and the bedroom. The sacred in Judaism is not limited to the Inner Sanctum. It has battles to wage in the streets. Now, people are not naturally mindful of the supernatural. Therefore, the Torah makes every effort at jogging the consciousness of human beings and it positions religious symbols as flashing beacons on all the pathways of life. After a while, subtly, subliminally, suddenly, the sense of God grows inside us and is everywhere. It is joy, meaning, hope and love. These are special at the pivotal turns in life, at the major passages of our personai histories, and also at smaller cycles, when the wheel of time cranks its staccato rotation the turn of the week, the month, the season, the year. God is everywhere, all the time, urging us to make ourselves holy. Among the constants of Jewish religious life, acts of kindness dominate. WE GET LETTERS: V Thank you for your sympathy at this time of great loss. It was y deeply appreciated. Ardith Asher & Familv 'iI'I' Thanks to all my friends who remembered me with get well ||| |[ cards during my recent illness. I'm on the road to recovery. ? |? i Thanks again. ||| Mort Gottesman 1,1 ! V I, Dear friends at Bet Knesset Bamidbar, J" |[ A special thank you to all my friends that made contributions, all ill |i the phone calls and get well cards. It really meant a lot to me. [|[ Cynthia Turoff 5 BIRTHDAYS DECEMBER 2000 December 1 Paul Glovin December 2 Harry Bank Ida Derringer Marcy Freeman Sandra Lobel December 3 Rabbi Hershel Brooks Sarah Greene Sally Plat Sandy Ribons Marlene Zale December 4 Jordon Borns Edward Kaufman Sue Schweitzer December 5 Hershel Aron Evelyn Kaplan December 6 Barry Barondess Alice Berman Isadore Zamosky December 7 Lester Finver Lorraine Josephs Harold Kaplan Larry Press December 8 Elaine De Graff Ida Guth Barry Jacobs Leonard Levitsky Gerry Shat Vic Soriano December 9 Fred Bilgrai Larry Greenberg December 10 Stanley Bromberg Chet Chambers Jerome Gampel Paul Mann Robert Oppenheimer December 11 Tina Goldstein December 12 Bernard Cherney Sarah Sedacca Cohen Abe Morton December 13 Danny Miller December 14 Helaine Herzig Goldie Landau December 15 Kay Press December 16 Edith Albert Bernice Berman Belle Maslinoff December 17 Lambert Kern Jane Pathman December 18 Hershy Friedman Ruth Kaplow December 19 Arnold Greene Lawrence Pallas Harris Resnick Hal Stromberg Carol Tracht Peggy Welton December 20 Sylvia Belfer Gloria Gittelman Irving Goldberg Margo Wachs Nathan Weisberg December 21 Norma Lawrence Rita Rubin December 22 Phyllis Bromberg Debbie Lederer Minnie Orenstein Shirley Scott December 23 Louis Pokat December 24 Renee Davidson Aaron Rubin December 25 Bernard Weinstein December 26 Norma Haynes Bernice Stekoll December 27 Muriel Bleifer Phyllis Hollander Renee Singer Janos Strauss December 28 Joseph Lipow December 29 Lou Albert Buddy Pollack December 30 Harriet Freeman December 31 Kenny Karchmer Leonard Levin Allan Pogensky Robert Sherman ANNIVERSARIES DECEMBER 2000 December 3 Ralph and Estelle Greenberg December 5 Robert and Joan Bradley Leonard and Arlene Krane December 8 Leonard and Mona Klein December 9 Sidney and Roseann Entin December 10 Herman and Beatrice Lee December 11 George and Ruth Canvasser Irving and Roslyn Jarmel Martin and Carole Jawitz December 12 Irwin and Cynthia Feiner December 13 Alvin and Jane Fishman Tom and Babe Hamilton December 14 Herb and Ruth Golden December 15 Don and Renee Davidson December 16 Arnold and Peggy Glackman Bernard and Arlene Kraus Hershe! and Ruth Weinrott December 17 Hershy and Florence Friedman December 18 Eddie and Adele Finkel December 19 Manuel and Gertrude Aronstein Samuel and Dorothy Israel Stuart and Joyce Newman December 20 Bernard and Min Bronstein Richard and Myrna Goodman Robert and Geraldine Isaacs December 21 Lester and Bunny Finver Bernard and Gladys Handwerker Leonard and Estelle Levin December 22 Harvey and Bernice Berman December 23 Robert and Gay Goldstein December 24 Leonard and Leona Fields George and Esther Gabriel Max and Rosalie Pinsel Henry and Ida Wise December 25 Burton and Judith Arnold Samuel and Sandra Berenbaum Harold and Phyllis Saltzman Albert and Bettye Shafer Lewis and Marcia Weshner Joseph and Frieda Young December 26 Ike and Phyllis Hanen December 27 Ray and Brenda Izen Louis and Adline Kiionsky Harold and Bea Lieberman December 28 Marvin and Lynn Glabman Henri and Sally Plat Martin and Elaine Robinson December 29 Lambert and Barbara Kern December 31 Leon and Suzy Singer Plant a tree in Israel to honor, memorialize or let someone know he or she is special. Call Doris Ross at 256-8023 to make your purchases. Be Patient Your calls will be returned. BOOK DEDICATIONS From the Sisterhood Board 1995 to 1997 In Memory of Paul Greenfield 7 t BKB Sisterhood BIrneastkaflalasti oMne eatnindg Wednesday, December 13,2000 9:00 a.m. Suncoast Hotel Room A & D Contact: Fran Levin 255-1031 $8.00 prepaid Limited Seating TRIBUTES DECEMBER 2000 / We gratefully appreciate the offerings to BET KNESSET BAMIDBAR for the following occasions and from those listed. GET WELL FOR MESSAGE FROM ? Jerry Potasky Speedy Recovery Lois & Mel Winograd Speedy Recovery Lynne Willens Speedy Recovery Evelyn & Ernie Ostreicher Speedy Recovery Ruth & Sandy Mintz Speedy Recovery Bet Knesset Bamidbar Speedy Recovery Mickey & Mickey Abrams Speedy Recovery Donna & Tom McDowell Speedy Recovery Edie & Bernie Klar Speedy Recovery Hank & Rita Stein ? Theda Goldschlag Speedy Recovery Ruth & Sandy Mintz Speedy Recovery Diane & Larry Bortz ? Mort Gottesman Speedy Recovery Bet Knesset Bamidbar Speedy Recovery Alice Miller Speedy Recovery Mimi & Sherm Singer Speedy Recovery Trudy & Shel Kolner Speedy Recovery Syd & Myra Kliffer ? Murray Korman Speedy Recovery Diane & Larry Bortz Speedy Recovery Renee & Don Singer ? Lil Hudis Speedy Recovery Annette Izaks ? Sam Lossos Speedy Recovery Lynn & Marv Glabman Speedy Recovery Lynne Willens Speedy Recovery Faye Arshawsky ? Cynthia Turoff Speedy Recovery Shirley & Irving Williams ? Hershy Friedman Speedy Recovery Helen & Len Levitsky Speedy Recovery Bet Knesset Bamidbar ? Mickey Abrams Speedy Recovery Faye Arshawsky Speedy Recovery Lynne Willens ? Hank Stein Speedy Recovery Janice & irv Baron ? Carol Tracht Speedy Recovery Rita & Hank Stein ? Aaron Itkin Speedy Recovery Lynne Willens 9 TRIBUTES DECEMBER 2000 We gratefully appreciate the offerings to BET KNESSET BAMIDBAR for the following occasions and from those listed. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR ? Ken & Anita Korotkin MESSAGE Happy Anniversary FROM Janice & Irv Baron ? Sherm & Mimi Singer Happy Anniversary Happy Annviersary Janice & Irv Baron Trudy & Shel Kolner ? Lois & Mel Winograd Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Trudy & Shel Kolner Barb & Alan Rosen Rita & Hank Stein Lynn & Marv Glabman Lynne Willens ? Jackie & Larry Hollander Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Trudy & Shel Kolner Barb & Alan Rosen Joyce & Stuart Newman Lynne Willens ? Barbara & Barry Goldman Happy Anniversary Rita & Hank Stein ? Rabbi Hershel & Alma Brooks Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Ruth & Hershel Weinrott Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? Janet & Gene Krouse Happy Anniversary Diane & Larry Bortz ? Morry & Anita Berman Happy Anniversary Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? Ana & Ernie Block Happy Anniversary Ana Weidmann ? Lynn & Marv Glabman Happy Anniversary Theda & Fred Goldschlag ? Hal & Rita Stromberg Happy Anniversary Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? John & Celia Strauss Happy Anniversary Ruth & Hershel Weinrott ? Ralph & Estelle Greenberg Happy 50th Anniversary Happy 50lh Anniversary Edith & Buzz Marcuse Janice & Irv Baron ? Babe & Tom Hamilton Happy Anniversary Janice & Irv Baron ? Ruth & Herb Golden Happy Anniversary Janice & Irv Baron ? Ruth & Hershel Weinrott Happy Anniversary Janice & Irv Baron ? Peggy & Arnold Glackman Happy Anniversary Janice & Irv Baron ? David & Esther Soifer Happy Anniversary Joyce & Stuart Newman ? Murray & Vicki Waks Happy Anniversary Joyce & Stuart Newman TRIBUTES DECEMBER 2000 We gratefully appreciate the offerings to BET KNESSET BAMIDBAR for the following occasions and from those listed. IN LOVING MEMORY OF FOR MESSAGE FROM ? Paul Greenfield Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Syd & Myra Kliffer Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Helen & Len Levitsky Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Janice & Irv Baron Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Faye Arshawsky Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Lynne Willens Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Ruth & Hershel Weinrott Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Mickey & Mickey Abrams Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Bet Knesset Bamidbar Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Trudy & Shel Kolner Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Shirley & Irving Williams Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Anita & Morry Berman Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Hal & Rita Stromberg Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Cila SZeev Mansdorf Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Ruth & Hy Siver Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Annette Izaks Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Lorraine & Lionel Orlans Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband Edie & Bernie Klar Freda Greenfield In Memory of Beloved Husband David & Ruth Alexman ? Tom Glasser Helene Glasser In Memory of Beloved Husband Lotte & Larry Aron Helene Glasser in Memory of Beioved Husband Mimi & Sherm Singer Helene Glasser In Memory of Beloved Husband Marilyn & Robert Teitelbaum Helene Glasser In Memory of Beloved Husband Bernice & Ray Stekoli ? Myer Yavner Lorraine Josephs In Memory of Beloved Father Anita & Howard Blank Lorraine Josephs In Memory of Beloved Father Philip & Maxine Rothschild Lorraine Josephs In Memory of Beloved Father Bet Knesset Bamidbar ? Harry Keith Bet Knesset Bamidbar In Memory of Beloved Brother Ruth Siver ? David Katz Sharyn Weinstein In Memory of Beloved Father Barbara & Bernie Weinstein ? Annie Edie & Bernie Klar In Memory Hank & Rita Stein ? Harold Gordon Fran Muchowicz Family In Memory Barbara & Alan Rosen Dr. Gordon & Family In Memory Barbara & Alan Rosen ? Sister-in-law Alice Berman In Memory of Sister-in-law Faye Arshawsky Please send money and requests for tributes directly to Lynne Widens at 9353 Fresh Spring Dr., LV 89134. Do not send to P.O. Box. TRIBUTES DECEMBER 2000 We gratefully appreciate the offerings to BET KNESSET BAMIDBAR for the following occasions and from those listed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 10 ? Shirley Williams MESSAGE Happy Birthday FROM Janice & Irv Baron ? Ana Block Happy Birthday Janice & Irv Baron ? Rhea Rose Sturza Happy Birthday Janice & Irv Baron ? Helen Sparber Happy Birthday Janice & Irv Baron ? Estelle Harf Happy Birthday Harry & Elaine Sipelstein ? Ed Kaplow Happy Birthday Harry & Elaine Sipelstein ? Jerry Weissman Happy 70th Birthday Happy 70th Birthday Happy 70th Birthday Happy 70th Birthday Happy 70th Birthday Happy 70th Birthday Harry & Elaine Sipelstein Morrey & Anita Berman Nate & Jean Modes Ruth & Hershel Weinrott Gerald & Sheila Goldman Edythe Mevis ? Hershe! Weinrott Happy Birthday Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? Don Singer Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Trudy & Shel Kolner Barb & Alan Rosen ? Phyllis Matz Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Rita & Hank Stein Paye Arshawsky Donna & Tom McDowell ? Allan Goldman Happy Birthday Rita & Hank Stein ? Fred Goldschlag Happy Birthday Rita & Hank Stein ? Doris Soroky Happy Birthday Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? Raymond Ring Happy 80th Birthday Happy 80th Birthday Happy 80th Birthday Marilyn & Robert Teitelbaum Lynn & Marv Glabman Sylvia & Jerry Belfer ? Colleen Casteel Happy Birthday Paye Arshawsky ? Sy Gam Happy Birthday Lynn & Man/ Glabman ? Sarah Greene Happy Birthday Janice & Irv Baron 12 TRIBUTES DECEMBER 2000 We gratefully appreciate the offerings to BET KNESSET BAMIDBAR for the following occasions and from those listed. MISCELLANEOUS ? FOR Bet Knesset Bamidbar MESSAGE In Honor of Aliyah FROM Edith & Shelly Greenberg ? Bet Knesset Bamidbar In Honor of Mishaberach Marcia Wolfe ? Louis & Addie Klionsky In Honor of Grandson's Marriage Lorraine & Lionel Orlans ? Deke & Stan Abramovitz Mazel Tov on Your Grandson's Bar Mitzvah Mazel Tov on Your Grandson's Bar Mitzvah Lynn & Marvin Glabman Barbara & Alan Rosen ? Lois & Mel Winograd Best Wishes in your New Home Best Wishes in your New Home Best Wishes in your New Home Renee & Don Singer Joyce & Stuart Newman Rita & Hank Stein ? Rennie & Joel Glabman Best Wishes in your New Home Best Wishes in your New Home Renee & Don Singer Rita & Hank Stein ? Rennie Glabman Mazel Tov on your Daughter's Marriage Renee & Don Singer ? Roily & Ellie Weinstein Speedy Recovery for your Son Speedy Recovery for your Son Faye Arshawsky Lynne Willens ? Bob & Elly Chaet Mazel Tov on your new Grandson Donna & Tom McDowell ONEG SHABBAT SPONSORS On October 27. 2000 we celebrated with: Ruth & Ed Kaplow in honor of Ed's Birthday Estelle & Joseph Harf on Estelle's Birthday William Pessin & Sandy Linka on their Birthdays Arlene & Al Abramson on Arlene's Birthday Bernice & Ed Isaac on their 51" Anniversary & Bernice's Birthday Janet & Moe Cohen on Janet's Birthday Raymond & Rhoda Ring on Raymond's 80th Birthday Ana & Ernest Block on their 50 h Anniversary Phyllis & Wally Hollander on their 50th Anniversary Harry & Elaine Sipelstein on their 53rd Anniversary Anita & Morrie Berman on their 55th Anniversary On November 10. 2000 we celebrated with: The Jewish War Veterans who sponsored the entire Oneg We thank you all. Call Rhea Sturza at 255-4660 to host an Oneg Shabbat. it 13 a $25. OOSPev & ? e a M y R S V P l-y Q e c e r r d w 2 0 , 2 0 0 0 SRe&ewwcl/ ffeaXut^/ YAHRZEIT DONATIONS DECEMBER 2000 REMEMBERED BY IN MEMORY OF RELATIONSHIP Manuel Aronstein David Aronstein Father Barbara Barney Manny Barney Husband Thelma Barron Joseph Fine Father Herbert Bayer Louis Bayer Father Art Becker Anna Becker Mother Ruth Beckman Jack Lichtig Brother Sylvia Belfer Dora Shinwell Mother Anita Berman Bessie Blitz Mother Helen Bloom Joseph Bloom Husband Annette Bonder Bessie Bergman Mother Marilyn Chernov Sam Zudiker Father Shirley Coady Louis Lemer Father Maurice Coronel Peggy Coronel Sister Eleanor Cristall Samuel Cristall Father Sidney Davidove Max Davidove Father Elaine DeGraff Morris Olshan Father Selma Deitch Max Leifer Father Gerald Deitch Rose Deitch Mother Dorothy Duckat Rose Knazik Mother Jeanne Ebner Charles Kahn Father Marilyn Fried Irving Smith Father Sy Gam Ida Gam Mother Jerome Gampel Caroline Gampel Wife Paul Greenfield Bessie Greenfieia Mother Bridgett Gross Sam Margelefsky Father William Grossman Rose Grossman Mother Alan Hart Rose Hart Mother Ruth Hart Rose Kaufman Mother Gilda Haus Ben Krosney Father Sally Hersch Rachel Catcher Sister Bernice Isaac Harry Singer Father Brenda Izen Jules Glaser Father Carole Jawitz Charles Eimer Father David Kamzan Abe Kamzan Father Sophie Klene Louis Klene Husband Len Krane Jean Krane Wife Arlene Krane Sophia & Samuel Kreitzberg Parents Betty Krassner David Krassner Son Carole Kugler Herman Messing Father Jean Lesser Clara & Julius Singer Parents Estelle Levinson Samuel Kaplan Father Cila Mansdorf David Roiter Father Natalie Marks Jerome Marks Husband Sheldon Mermell Irving Mermelstein Father Bob Oppenheimer Alvin Oppenheimer Brother David Perlmutter Harry Perlmutter Father Sally Piatt Lena Rothstein Mother Bet Knesset Bamidbar appreciates your donations in memory of your loved ones. Any donation that comes in before the 8lh of the month is acknowledged in the next month's newsletter. All others are printed in the following month's newsletter which is two months after your donation. Sorry for any inconvenience. 15 YAHRZEIT DONATIONS DECEMBER 2000 REMEMBERED BY IN MEMORY OF RELATIONSHIP Arlene Pollack Harold Pollack Husband Arlene Pollack Micheal Pollack Son Leon Rosen Kate Rosen Mother Dolores Rubin Ira Grad Brother Louise Schneider Jacob Auerbach Father Anita Schuster Adele Kleiman Mother Barbara Shein William Yablon Father Emanuel Silverman Lottie Silverman Mother Mark Singerman Sam Singerman Father Mark Singerman Morris Singerman Brother Carole Slack Doris Soren Mother Faye Sobel Sarah Sparber Mother Esther Soifer Pearl & Sam Kolb Parents David Soifer Nathan Soifer Father Beatrice Stotland Rose Syrop Sister Joyce Strull Paul Lerman Father Irving Swartz Eva Swartz Mother Ted Tessler Sol Tessler Father Bernard Tracht Edith Tracht Wife AnnetteVeltman Minnie Schnitzer Mother Rhoda Wagner Minnie Brandes Mother Betty Weltman Sarah & Louis Solomon Parents Shirley Wigdor Harold Goldberg Father Marvin Winchell Joe Weinshelbaum Father Eleanor Winchell Sol Herzfeld Brother Eleanor Winchell David Herzfeld Father Marvin Winpar Isadore Winpar Father Norman York Samuel York Father Joseph Young Frieda Yonkovitsh Mother Below are the rules for lighting Chanukah candles followed by the blessings. The first candle is placed at the extreme right end of the menorah. Each evening, the new candle is placed to the left of the previous one. The order of kindling, however, is the opposite: one begins with the newest candle and continues to the right. An extra candle is used to kindle the others; it is called the shamash. After the shamash is lit, the blessings are recited. CHANUKA BLESSINGS 1. Ba-ruch a-ta, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, me-lech ha-o-lam, a-sher be-mits-vo-tav, ve-tsi-va-nu le-had-lik ner shel Cha-nu-ka. 2. Ba-ruch a-ta, A-do-nai E-lo-hef-nu, me-lech ha-o-lam, sheh-aw-saw ni-sim la-a-vo-tei-nu ba-ya-mim ha-heim ba-ze-man ha-zeh. 3. Ba-ruch a-ta, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, me-lech ha-o-lam, she-he-che-ya-nu ve-ki-ye-ma-nu ve-hi-gi-a-nu la-ze-man ha-zeh. 16 YAHRZEITS FOR DECEMBER As we recite Kaddish on Friday evening December 8, 2000 we 2000 recall with love: Frank Andrysek Lena Applebaum Alex Applebaum Gussie Belshin Max Bernstein Heyman Blitz Allan Booke Abba Cashman David Catcher Freda Catcher Eli Chaet Annette Copperman Tesia Cyrkus Tessie Eckhause Mary Fishbain Ben Fleischer Arthur Friedman Harry Friedman Samuel Gitteiman Fannie Glasson Louis Greenspan Arthur Halpert Harry Harris Billy Hart Dorothy Herschberg Meyer Katz Elias Klein Lillian Klein Rose Kushner Richard Lapides Louis Leader Helen Levi E