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Souvenir program and guide for Circus Circus, 1971






The souvenir guide and program to Circus Circus features descriptions of the entertainment acts performing at the hotel/casino.

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jhp000359. Jay Sarno Papers, 1965-2001. MS-00548. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Weeks ahead of time an undercurrent of excitement began to creep over the town. First, over the rain-stained election signs and faded auction notices, there suddenly appeared, as if they bloomed overnight, the huge, bright billboards. Larger-than-life aerialists flew gracefully and tigers leapt ferociously from a poster. Boys and girls stood transfixed in their path, gawking endlessly. The rest of the year that vacant lot closest to town was just another barren, weedy field. But, today it's the most important piece of real estate in the county. Today it's a city throbbing with activity. Today is Paintings and writings from the innermost reaches of antiquity prove that the circus has been a part of every civilization and culture known to mankind. Perhaps five thousand years ago the Mayan In-dians of Mexico had a ceremony whereby men tied ropes to their ankles, were drawn to the tops of fifty foot poles and whirled round and round. It is still being done today. Spanning gorges with slim strands and crossing them became the high wire walking act today. In Cnossos some fifteen hundred years ago beautiful young girls seized charging bulls by their horns and somersaulted over their heads to the delight of breathless spectators. Strolling bands of jugglers and acrobats began to appear in the court yards of castles, then town squares. Animals and slack rope walkers were added and the people crowded to watch. MW\\V YK m\\' In the 1800s, in France, the single trapeze per-formers added a catcher and became the flying trapeze. Shamans and witch doctors of the cave men evolved into the Greek actors, with their masques, transformed into Pagliaccis, the clowns so beloved of children, who traditionally laugh through tears of broken hearts. ^f <s Thus, in a continuous path through the ages peo-ple have pressed to attend the circus. People have attended the circus in open fields, town squares, under huge, hot tents of canvas. Circus Circus President Jay Sarno (the man whose vision built Caesar's Palace) had a dream as a youngster ? a permanent home for the circus. A proper edifice of stone and steel completely air con-ditioned yet with a feeling of fabric. And so we welcome you to a dream fully realized. Welcome to the greatest show in the universe. Welcome to the Circus Circus circus! The Circus is one form of entertainment that is truly international in scope. Its history is ancient and almost every part of the world has its own circus legends. And so it is with the circus performers. Many of them are carrying on a tradition unique to their native countries. It is not unusual to find fifth, sixth, and seventh generations working in the "family" act. To present a truly great circus, it is necessary to reach far out around the world and include acts from many countries. This is the case at Circus Circus. The performers come from Mexico, South Amer-ica, from Europe, from both sides of the iron curtain, and the best of our home grown acts. In this program book you will meet a cross section of the great attractions that appear at Circus Circus. Sharing the microphone at Circus Circus is Mike Hartzell, a third generation circus performer who turned Ringmaster. Mike was part of his family's act, The Flying Hart-zells, for seven years, performing on the trampoline, trapeze, and horizontal bars. Confessing a desire to be an actor, Mike studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. His post as Ringmaster gives him the op-portunity to participate in a form of acting. Mike traces an interesting family tree, which in-cludes such relatives as Ethan Allen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the original Lone Ranger, Lee Powell. Ringmaster Clarence Hoffman is a man of many talents, his colorful career encompassing practically every phase of the entertainment world. Early in his career Hoffman was the protege of celebrated Metropolitan Opera diva, Madame Anna Fitzhugh. His wife of 27 years is the former Frances Karp, equally famed opera soprano. Hoffman won wide acclaim as an actor on the legitimate stage. "This big mustache," says Hoffman is the result ' It has brought me role after role includ- ' and Tenth Man ." "Fiddler on the Roof" appeared in Las to the opening of Circus Circus, Clarence contract gs The Palacios set their sights high . . . all the way up to the tent-tall riggings of the circus world. Roberto, Jose, Raul, and Maria Palacio are among the finest flyers ever to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico. The Palacio Brothers in their youth watched in awe as fellow Mexican, Ramon Esqueda, then the best flyer in the world, flew in an effortless display of aerobatics. Under Esqueda's expert tutelage, Roberto was achieving the triple somersault, double layout, dou-ble full, and two and one-half flips. Jose learned the tricks almost simultaneously. Raul catches, and his wife, Maria, lends the femjjtti?e-?eauty to the act. Jan Berosini is in the "monkey business" and all of his chimps, orangutan, and gorillas appear at Circus Circus. Berosini, who used to own his own circus in Czechoslovakia before the Iron Curtain was lowered, has been training man's alleged far-removed cousins for more than thirty years. The famed trainer insists that the Great Apes, as gorillas, chimps, orangutans, and gibbons are classi-fied, are nearly human in their affection for him. Per-haps it's because all are considered part of the Berosini family. After all, the family that works together, eats bananas together! f U MQ T P ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ W h l ' ^ j ^ i ^ r W f ' f V WB^^^r ?^zsjfB^K&^.^k ofmtAb"'^ Andre Schweizer plays a dual role at Circus Circus as Marco Polo (balancing act) and as the Playboy in the Playboy and Bunny tight wire act. In both acts Andre works with his beautiful and talented wife, Ree. As the Playboy, Andre dances and juggles on the wire, goes through a hoop, stands on a chair, and takes a most unusual bicycle ride on the wire. As Marco Polo, Andre does amazing acrobatic feats on a table while spinning fire hoops and balances a sword tipjtp tip while atop the sword is a lighted candej Schweizer is a native of Alsace, France, ie Schweizer is from New York City. CP " * * ( i f p 5 ^ Senor Antonio, star of the single trapeze, has appeared with the greatest circuses in the world in-cluding Ringling Brothers and the famed Schuman Circus in Denmark. He has also performed in New York's Radio City Music Hall. A native of Mexico, Senor Antonio thrills audi-ences at Circus Circus with his daring feats on the trapeze. He balances himself by one hand, on his head, with hoops spinning on all hands and legs, and he balances himself on his head while the trapeze swings 30 feet from side to side! The good Sr. Antonio is a brave man indeed! I! an act can be called international it is the Flying Gibsons! Helio Marcazzo is from Argentina, Francisco Navas from Ecuador, Margaret van der Vliet from Texas, and Kim Renee from New York. The Flying Gibsons perform deftly on the flying trapeze executing such difficult moves as the two and a half and double forward, the pirouette and half return, and the always spectacular passing leap. Before coming to the United States, Helio and Francisco worked together for 10 years in South America and also appeared with the Ringling Brothers Circus. The beautiful Gigi is a native of Poland. As a high school girl she had dreams of traveling, and enrolled in circus school in hopes of fulfilling her dream. Gigi has indeed traveled! She has performed with leading circuses in Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, France, England, and Canada. Her first engagement in the United States was with the Ringling Circus, and then on to Circus Circus. Known as a web act in circus parlance, Gigi does acrobatic tricks high up on a rope. She adds grace and beauty to the world's greatest circus acts performing under the big top at Circus Circus. I I " . . . and now our dazzling display of devastating epidermis." That's how Ringmaster Clarence Hoffman intro-duces the Cage Girls, a bevy of pretty girls who dance Go-Go style in a cage that travels around the huge monorail high above the casino at Circus Circus. At times the Cage Girls have been joined in their act by a "gorilla'' who adds to the pandemonium of this novel attraction. Bobby Berosini and his father, Jan, own the only performing gorillas and orangutans in the world. In fact if Darwin could have known the influence the Berosini's have had on the Great Apes, Darwin would have probaly studied the Berosinis! Among the most popular performers at Circus Circus are "Jerry" the chimp and "Chug-Chug" the baby gorilla, who is growing very rapidly. Assisting Bobby in his act is his charming wife, of Australia. Circus Circus played the Berosinis met under the fabulous Las top. >TO|OT( dlfc I f ^ M d M s 1 A i x X A The adorable Tanya is the 4000 pound sweetheart of Circus Circus! Tanya's performance is a complete delight, and she astounds many Circus Circus patrons by ming-ling with them in the casino following her act. Jenda Smaha, the famous trainer of Tanya, is a native of Czechoslovakia now a naturalized Ameri-can citizen. The lovely Mrs. Smaha adds her talent and beauty to the act. The Smahas and Tanya won the 1970 Walt Disney- AGVA award as the Best Elephant Act of the Year. They have appeared on the Royal Variety Perform-ance and on many TV shows including Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, and the Hollywood Palace. " ipjn^^s diis "I love my work. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world." That's the philosophy of Peluza whose antics as a clown are a complete delight to patrons at Circus Circus. Peluza was born in Mexico City of Circus parents who appeared as part of the Reynoso Trio, famed aerialists. He appeared at an early age with the famous Ataye Circus of Mexico. In 1957 Peluza came to the United States to join the Mills Circus. At 15 he was the youngest creative clown in the world. Peluza appeared with the Hammond Circus and spent ten years with the Pollack Brothers Circus be-fore coming to Circus Circus. Described as the most daring high wire act in the world, the Rodriquez Brothers perform on the tight wire high above the casino floor at Circus Circus. During their thrilling act, Rojas jumps over Vi-cente on the wire, and in another stunt Vicente lies on the high wire and Rojas balances on his chest. In a thrilling finale, Vicente stands on a chair bal-anced on the wire while Rojas stands on Vicente's shoulders. Spectators view a spine-tingling performance when the Rodriquez Brothers flirt with danger at Circus Circus. Tony Steele ascends a pedistal some sixty feet above the floor. He poises himself and sights his tar-get, a small dry sponge. To the crowds on the second floor concourse the target looks very small, and they are only a fraction of the distance up from Tony's pedistal. A hush falls over the audience as Tony Steele dives from the pedistal. He makes a three quarter dive as his body hurtles through space toward the sponge. One can almost hear the sighs of relief as Tony acknowledges the applause, another successful jump having been completed. A native of the U.S.A., Tony Steele is an acknowl-edged international star of the circus. And little wonder! The Flying Hillarys are composed of Mel and Baba Warkmeister and Barry Mitchell. Barry Mitchell was an A.A.U. Champion in gym-nastics on the parallel bars. He is one of the few persons to accomplish a triple somersault. Barry is known for his perfect form as a flyer with the Hillarys. Mel Warkmeister is the catcher while Baba joins Barry as the leapers in this exciting act. The Flying Hillarys, all natives of the U.S.A., have appeared in several major motion pictures including "Star" with Julie Andrews, "Jumbo" with Jimmy Durante, and "The Legend/of Lylah Clare" with Kim Novak. Sffi Ronnie, 18, and Randy, 16, are two young men who really get bounced around making a living! "The Randels" trampoline act requires precision and expert timing. It is the only trampoline act doing a triple somersault and a double somersault to a 1V2" pole. From a circus family, Ronnie and Randy are joined in their performances by their parents, Mel and Baba Warkmeister ("The Flying Hillarys"). Ronnie and Randy have appeared on several na-tional TV shows and have made commercials for two cereal companies. When you hear a roar of laughter it's probably Randy losing his pants ? on the trampoline, that i s . . . Carlos and Armando Farfan of Chile are joined in this outstanding act by their wives, Teresa and Anna, as they present a combination of trapeze skill and comedy. Armando poses as an inebriated intruder climb-ing onto the trapeze rig. He puts the troupe through some hilarious capers. Dressed in his comedy attire, Armando performs some tricks flying from the bar to Carlos, the catcher for the Farfans. One on return, he passes the bar, catches an elastic cord, drops 18 to 20 feet, then springs b?ek to the bar. The-^pmedy routine leads the Farfans into some serfoiK^flying that provide high tension thrills for C/rcus Circus audiences. Lovely "Le Lisa" is actually Lisa Canestrelli. She is the seventh generation of the famous Canestrelli circus dynasty and is following in the footsteps of her mother who was known as LA TOSCA, QUEEN OF THE CIRCUS. Make way for the princess?Le Lisa! Lisa actually started her performing career at Cir-cus Circus when she was 14. She is now 16 and is still starring at Circus Circus. A ballerina in the air, Le Lisa performs high above the casino floor on the monorail. As she moves around the main arena she thrills audiences hanging by one foot and by her teeth. She accomplishes these spine-tingling moves without benefit of a security net of any kind. The princess has beauty, talent, and much courage! In all the world there is no Midway quite like the Midway at Circus Circus. Try your hand at the many games of fun and skill. Your winnings are paid in tokens which are redeemed at the Redemption Center. The Redemption Center has an inventory of over $1,000,000 in fabulous prizes. Color TV sets, stereos, golf club sets, decorator items for the home, games, Las Vegas souvenirs ? just name it and you'll find it at the Redemption Center. There's excitement and fun on the Circus Circus Midway. And there's also an opportunity to bring home some really great prizes. On the pages that follow we present but a few of the many Midway attractions, fun for the kids of all ages! From two to fifteen players compete, each player being the backer of one of the greyhounds. The ob-ject of the game is to toss, by means of a mechanical devise, a ball into a circle. The more times a player accomplishes this, the faster his greyhound ad-vances on a simulated dog track board. The player whose dog crosses the finish line first is the winner and gets another trip to the Redemption Center for more valuable gifts. Or the winner can add to his wining tokens for more valuable merchandise All players, at a given signal, start the game by rolling a hard rubber ball into a bank of twenty-five holes. Players continue to roll the balls into the bank until one player forms a straight line in any direction. That player is the winner and receives tokens which he can redeem at the Redemption Cen-ter. Incidentally, the progress of each player in the Fascination game is recorded on a lighted panel above each player. The game is started with the release of a small bowling ball. Object of this game of skill is to roll the ball onto one of several circular targets. Each target has a number value. The score is accumu-lated, and if a player reaches a total of 180 points that player receives a winning token. Additional tokens are awarded for higher scores. These tokens may be exchanged for merchandise awards at the Redemption Center. Or they may be accumulated for more valuable merchandise awards. Skee Ball is a favorite with all ages. No generation gap here! Players operate a water gun that ejects a stream of water into the open mouth of a plastic clown. As the volume of water in the clown increases, air is forced into a balloon. The player whose balloon is the first to burst, is declared the winner. Another token. Another trip to the Redemption Center for another prize! Or save em up for the bigger prizes. I Circus Circus is proud of its fine food at budget pleasing prices. Popular with the luncheon crowd is the famous buffet lunch in the Cafe Metropole, featuring roast baron of beef and a choice of many other tempting entrees. There is also a huge salad bar, appetizer section, and dessert selections. All you can eat for $1.45. The Circus Circus breakfast is served until 11 A.M. Price? 68?! Complete gourmet dinners are served at the Cafe Metropole at reasonable prices. You can enjoy a 20 ounce porterhouse steak dinner for $3.95. And watch the circus acts perform from your vantage point at the Metropole! The Snack Train offers hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, corn, tacos and other goodies 24 hours a day. Within the confines of Circus Circus there is also an Italian Restaurant, juice bars, candy and nut stores, and other places to satisfy your palate. While it is true that Circus Circus is Las Vegas' only family casino, there are certain areas restricted to adult fun. The gaming area is one of the largest in the world, offering all the games that have made Las Vegas internationally famous. Imaginative and lib-eral slots add to the excitement. The Hippodrome Theatre has shows in the late evening and early morning hours restricted to adults only. Circus Circus cocktail lounges are truly unique. The Horse-Around Bar is equipped with horses and revolves like a merry-go-round. The Ding-a- Ling-a-Ring Bar has a top that ascends towards the roof so as not to impair vision during the circus performances. Circus Circus has something for everybody! The new Circus Circus Hotel and Fun Spa, sched-uled for completion in June, 1972, will offer a host of features to compliment the Circus Circus Casino. Fifteen stories high, the structure will contain 414 guest rooms, a 1,000 seat convention center and an expanded showroom that will accommodate 850 persons. An elaborate Japanese health spa will be among the unique attractions in the new Circus Circus complex. An Olympic size swimming pool will be in the shape of a clown; there will be an escalator between the first and second floor concourses, and a new 250 seat coffee shop to augment the many dining areas currently featured at Circus Circus. (For information on advance convention book-ings, write to the Director of Public Relations, Circus Circus, 2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.) We appreciate your including Circus Circus during your visit to Las Vegas. The millions of folks from all over the world who have passed through our doors have seen what is the result of careful planning to provide entertainment for every member of every family. We hope that your visit to Circus Circus was rewarding in fun and entertainment, and that it will evoke fond memories of your vacation to Las Vegas. Thank you...and may we see you again soon! 2880 LAS VEGAS BOULEVARD SOUTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 83109 AREA CODE 702' / 734-8181 THANK YOU! S. A. Mallin, ?""j Vice-President, Circus Circus raiw