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Photographs of Psychic Sessions signs, Las Vegas (Nev.), 2002






Evening views of the Psychic Sessions signs on the Strip. Information about the sign is available in the Southern Nevada Neon Survey Data Sheet.
Site address: 3941 S Las Vegas Blvd
Sign condition: Structure 4 Surface 3 Lighting 4
Sign form: Fascia
Sign - type of display: Neon; Incandescent; Backlit
Sign - media: Steel; Plastic
Sign - non-neon treatments: Graphics; Paint
Sign animation: none
Sign environment: Psychic Sessions has the unique position of being located in the same lot as the Happi Inn. In fact its structure is attached to the Happi Inn, on the south side of the Happi Inn's main office. This facility adds a unique position to the already mysterious air of the southern Strip, especially at night. The red illumination of the neon is a perfect tone for the already mysterious business, which the signs advertise for. The side of the lot, which it occupies, is considerably less lit as a whole, making the mood a rather eerie if not "Twilight Zone-esque" Such establishments are not seen in the modern day Strip environment.
Sign - thematic influences: The signage for the Psychic Sessions facility leans toward your typical store front signage when you want to talk about a raw aesthetic criteria, but there is a theme present, limited as it may be. The theme as you might imagine is directly associated with the services provided inside. Neon tubing is fashioned into a big silhouette of a hand referencing the palmistry business, while the graphics of the mysterious eyes on the internally lit cabinet literally scream out mystery.
Surveyor: Joshua Cannaday
Survey - date completed: 2002
Sign keywords: Fascia; Neon; Incandescent; Backlit; Steel; Plastic; Graphics; Paint

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neo000062. Southern Nevada Neon Survey Records, 2002-2018. PH-00401. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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