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Allard Roen

Allard Roen, right, and his father. Allard Roen was general manager of Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn.
Allard Roen, right, and his father. Allard Roen was general manager of Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn.
Allard Roen (May 8, 1921-August 28, 2008) was a Las Vegas  casino and resort developer.  He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and served as a Navy lieutenant during World War II.  He attended Duke University on a sports scholarship and graduated in 1943 with a degree in business. Roen moved to Las Vegas in 1949 where he joined with Moe Dalitz and Wilbur Clark in the development, operations, and completion of the Desert Inn Hotel. He servedas managing director and corporate security for the Desert Inn where he oversaw daily operations as well as celebrity and show entertainment for eighteen years. When the Stardust Hotel partnered with the Desert Inn he also took over the managing director role for the Stardust as well. 
Roen is credited with helping to establish many hallmarks of Las Vegas such as themed restaurants and the Starlight Theater and the Crystal Showroom. Roen was involved in helping establish Las Vegas's reputation and was a founding member and first president of the Nevada Resort Association.  He also was consulted on the development of the School of Hotel Administration at Southern Nevada University (now UNLV). Allard wasinvolved in helping to build many residential and commercial projects such as Sunrise Hospital, the Boulevard Mall, and the Las Vegas Country Club, as well as serving on the Nathen Aldeson Hospice committee. When the Desert Inn was sold in 1967 Allard Roen moved to California where he continued to be involved in resorts and building. 
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