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View selected video clips of project participants discussing a range of nuclear testing-related subjects.

Outdoor Laboratory

Atomic Energy Commission official L. Joe Deal recalls early AEC concerns about whether a nuclear holocaust could actually happen. View Transcript(s) deal_beach
Robert Friedrichs of the Department of Energy outlines the decontamination efforts after the Baneberry venting. View Transcript(s) friedrichs_baneberry
Holmes and Narver engineer Ray Harbert recalls witnessing the Bravo test and compares it to smaller tests in Nevada. View Transcript(s) harbert_bravo
Engineer and test director Elmer Sowder describes the Smokey tower test and the unexpected results from the testing process. View Transcript(s) sowder_smoky
Physician James Yamazaki describes arriving in the Urakami Valley after the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan. View Transcript(s) yamazaki_nagasaki

Sacred Places

Corbin Harney discusses the sacred nature of the land and proper conduct towards all elements of the ecosystem. View Transcript(s) Harney
Western Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney drums and sings at a Nevada Test Site protest in August 2005. Harney Drum

Surrounding Communities

Public Health Service scientists Delbert Barth discusses researching and modeling the effects of radiation exposure near Hanford, WA. View Transcript(s) barth_dose
Utah natives Eugene and Zenna Mae Bridges discuss their research on the exposure of Downwinders to radioactive fallout. View Transcript(s) bridges_anger
Western Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney and Franciscan sister Rosemary Lynch share their experiences protesting at the Nevada Test Site. View Transcript(s) Harney and Lynch
NTS News editor Gay Kauffman reminisces about working on the publication and describes the history of Mercury. View Transcript(s) kauffman_news
Miner Hank Peluaga talks about getting a job at the Nevada Test Site and his first day on the job. View Transcript(s) peluga_miner
Oscar Foger, Wallace Morgan, and JD Davis recall their experiences as African American laborers at the Nevada Test Site. View Transcript(s) fogerwallacedavis_hours